Our planet as a whole is undergoing a radical shift in consciousness. Higher frequency connections are being created daily while people are coming together to move the development of consciousness of humanity to the next level of unity.

All is one and one is all
In order to see how everything we do affects our human family and the world we need to 'simplify' ourselves. The more our ego diminishes the more we will appreciate others, fear will go and the more we can live from our inner core. The one-day workshop The Alchemist Within Us wants to guide you on the journey to awaken the unconditioned loving awareness that is present in all of us.
In describing the process of this workshop we borrow the symbolism and terminology of classical alchemy. To reach our goal we will take seven steps:

1 – Combustion – We burn our ego, our daily mask;
2 – Dissolution – We dissolve the remainders, being male and female, still polluted with ego;
3 – Separation – We separate male from female and the rest of our ego is thrown away;
4 – Conjunction – we unite our duality without mediation of our ego. Alchemists call this also 'marriage of the king and the queen'. At reaching this step you will already feel inner peace;
5 – Fermentation - What is obtained at step four must rot in order to get a new substance;
6 – Distillation - We 'boil and condense' what was obtained at step five, to reach a higher concentration and purity;
7 – Coagulation - The ultimate reunion of the purified parts. Your spirit becomes one with your body, and your body becomes one with your spirit.

For the Alchemist Within Us workshop please see the Linko workshop schedule and in this next video Tom de Winter explains about this workshop.

mer-ka-ba, merkaba, Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Tom de Winter
NOTE during the workshops in Eastern Europe English is spoken, but a local language translator will be present.
For more information on THE ALCHEMIST WITHIN US dates and locations please contact the Linko coordinator in your region or consult the Linko workshop schedule.